Italki vs Gymglish: which is best?

Created in 2007, italki is a language learning platform offering more than 130 languages. Who knew that there were that many? The platform currently has over 5 million learners and 10,000 teachers.

italki is available on mobile and tablet via Android or iOS.

The italki method

The app’s concept is simple: to connect language students with teachers all over the world via video conference. 

When students register on the platform, they choose a teacher, schedule a date and then connect via Skype or Zoom at the agreed-upon time for their lesson.

The italki method is based on three pillars:

Personalized learning: learners can choose a teacher according to their learning objective(s), level and interests.

Pay-as-you-go: lessons are paid for individually and the teachers set their own prices. That way, learners can choose a price that suits their budget

Flexible use: the platform’s users are free to learn where, when and with whom they want to learn a new language.

The Gymglish method

Since 2004, Gymglish has been offering fun, adaptive online lessons for languages and more, based on regular sessions to optimize long term gains and memorization because there’s no use developing wonderful educational tools if they aren’t used. Gymglish motivates and encourages its users to continue their progress by making e-learning as fun as possible.

Click here to find out more about Gymglish’s approach.

italki Features:

  • Language skills tested: listening and speaking
  • Exchanges with native speakers all over the world
  • Community tool: possible for learners to chat with other learners in their mother tongue, consultation of articles and use of a virtual notebook in which learners can write texts subsequently corrected by a native speaker
  • Video and written presentation of each teacher to present their qualifications and teaching style.
  • Possibility of a 30-minute trial lesson at a reduced rate for new learners
  • italki language test: 45-minute adaptive multiple-choice test to assess learners’ reading, vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills, cost: €25.

Gymglish Features:

  • Language skills tested: reading, listening and writing
  • Innovative learning technologies: adaptive learning, spaced learning, and microlearning to ensure retention of knowledge over time
  • Access to a User Space which includes latest lessons and corrections, areas of interest, statistics on each learner’s level, progress and participation rate, etc.
  • Fun and engaging content to keep users motivated
  • Cultural references at the end of each lesson (films, series, songs, quotes, etc.)
  • Free level assessment
  • Personalization of lessons according to each learner’s level, strengths and weaknesses

Find out more about Gymglish’s features.

italki: for which level?

italki is aimed at all types of learners, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1). The wide range of levels is due to students’ ability to choose any teacher they like  in the language of their choice.

Gymglish: for which level?

Gymglish is suitable for all levels except true beginners and offers a free seven-day trial after which each learner receives a complete level assessment (containing an outline of their current strengths and weaknesses).

How much does italki cost?

italki does not operate with monthly subscriptions, it has a “pay-as-you-go” system. Teachers are free to set their own rates, usually between €8 and €15 per hour, and learners pay for their lessons individually.

How much does Gymglish cost?

All Gymglish’s language course prices are available here.

Gymglish vs. italki at a glance

Free trialNoYes (7 days)
User languages/12
Number of language courses130+5 language courses
PlatformMobile application IOS and Android mobile application / Desktop
Strong pointsAdaptive learning
Diversity of languages and teachers available
Flexibility of use
Collaborative tools (notebooks, articles, chat, etc.)
Adaptive learning
Spaced learning
Fun and humorous content
Personalized learning plan
Cultural references
PricesBetween €8 and €12 per hour on average From € 14 /month
Subscription period“Pay-as-you-go”6 to 36 months.
LevelsAll levels All levels, except true beginners (A2 to C2)
Language skills testedListening, speakingReading, listening and writing (business and professional English)

Try Gymglish’s online language courses (English, FrenchSpanishGerman or Italian): short, personalized, fun lessons.

Learn a new language with Gymglish

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