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5 essentials to bring on your next trip to Paris

Traveling to Paris this year? Mais oui ! But what to bring? This city is notorious for its rude waiters, troubling sidewalk congestion and the numerous Parisians that circulate freely in the capital. Be prepared for everything Paris throws at you with these 5 must-have items for your trip!

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The Word of the Month book launch on 24th October 2022

TBR BOOK, the publishing arm of CALEC, Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and Communities, a non-profit organization focused on promoting multilingualism alongside Gymglish, specialist in online language courses, are pleased to announce the launch of The Word of the Month book.

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A short guide to French verlan

Like “traditional” French slang, verlan can help you sound like a local, or seal your fate as an imposter trying way too hard to win the approval of some cool new French kids. Here’s a quick primer to get your verlan game on track, without looking backwards.

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The benefits of being bilingual

Unless you’re born and raised in a multilingual environment, studying and mastering a foreign language generally requires months – if not years – of hard work and perseverance. Now more than ever, it seems that that hard work is well worth the effort. 

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