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Corporate training – No train, no gain

When asked to write about trains, I immediately put on my conductor hat and yelled “choo choo!”. After my assistant told me that it was a different type of “train”, I nearly fired her on the spot. Now I’m feeling calmer, and though I’m still wearing my conductor hat (and nothing else), I’m ready to […]

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A brief history of slang

At Gymglish we love historical facts, both alternative and actual fact facts. You may recall our article on the history of the word “fuck” – Google Analytics showed us that you at least read the headline, there’s no use in denying it. 

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5 movies to learn Italian

You’ve finally decided to learn Italian. Congratulazioni are in order. But rumor has it you’re already tired of Italian grammar? Thankfully, you can immerse yourself in Italian cinema. 

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