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Happy Halloween

On October 31st, many celebrate Halloween. The holiday is popular worldwide, especially for monsters who finally get a chance to be themselves.

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Gymglish is moving

The day has finally come: Gymglish has a new office. We think it’s fair to say that we’ve made some improvements. Before we share some exclusive pics, here is a non-exhaustive list of what we were promised by management:

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The 10 ultimate false friends

False friends – Are they good or bad? At this point, we’d accept any friend. All the same, you should watch out for these guys – they’re worse than Brutus, Judas and Benedict Arnold combined.

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WHISTLE – The Word of the Month for October 2019

Definition To whistle: to produce sound with the lips, like a bird. A whistle: instrument producing this sound, like a referee uses. Also: To blow the whistle (on corruption): to denounce criminal or unethical behavior. A whistleblower: somebody who publicizes this behavior. Whistles in the news This month, an anonymous whistleblower made public that President Trump threatened to block […]

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