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World Cup of English: Brazil vs. Chile

A South American head-to-head. Tired of the World Cup? We aren’t either, but consider switching over to the World Cup of English and witness a lively, accented debate between representatives of Brazil and Chile. Vote for your favorite accent NOW!

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World Cup of English: Denmark vs. Cameroon

What do you get when you cross a Dane with a Cameroonian? We have no idea, but check out the next match of the World Cup of English to find out what happens when these two traditional powers test their skills in the language of Shakespeare!  Vote for your favorite accent and enjoy!

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World Cup of English: Italy vs. Chile

Who’s got the most kick? Ladies and gentlemen, check out a match between one country that sounds like a food, and another that just got eliminated: Italy vs Chile is online now. It’s passion and fashion vs condors and copper.It would have been cool if that had rhymed. Enjoy!

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The World Cup of What?

More than a load of balls. The World Cup (of football) seems to be all that people are talking about these days — at your office, at the pub, and if you’re lucky, even in your bedroom. But what’s all the fuss about? It’s just a bunch of attractive men with beautiful hair kicking around a leather sphere […]

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