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France and May 1st

Happy spring! On Wednesday, May 1st, France (and other countries with commie roots) will celebrate “La fête du travail” (May Day, or Labour Day). Common festivities on on this day include parades, traffic jams, chanting into megaphones, and frequenting sausage-based concessions placed strategically along parade routes. This day commemorates working in the most fitting way […]

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US Elections 2012

Today’s Focus: MITT ROMNEY Get to know the US presidential candidates with GymGlish & LeMonde. Today: Pretty Boy, Mormon, Rich dude who once tied his dog to the roof of his car, Mitt Romney:

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US Elections 2012 Special GymGlish Report

Nouvelle rubrique Politique! En partenariat avec et pendant toute la période électorale américaine, les cours d’anglais en ligne GymGlish vont revisiter les terminologies des élections. Nos deux correspondants Arthur ‘Lefty’ Treehugger (Founder, Ponchos Illustrated) et Walton ‘Righty’ Carmichael Jr. (Editor, Death & Taxes Quarterl) vont apporter leur point de vue biaisé et subjectif sur […]

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