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From 20 to 50: How to manage growing pains

If, like me, your business has undergone major growth in the past few years, then you know exactly how hard it is to come to grips with a meteoric rise to success. From the press to the personal assistants to the pomade that I now have to import in bulk from Thailand, things can change […]

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What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving may be the most American holiday of all. It involves eating obscene amounts of food, yelling at your family (usually your in-laws), and watching hours of football on TV.

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Happy Halloween

On October 31st, many celebrate Halloween. The holiday is popular worldwide, especially for monsters who finally get a chance to be themselves.

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50 spicy ways to use the word “fuck”

The term “fuck” is short and punchy; its usage limitless. Perhaps its most impressive quality is its versatility: it can be used as a noun, an adverb, a verb, an adjective, an interjection, or really anything you want it to be.

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5 dumb reasons to learn English

You’ve read our reasons to learn French, Spanish, and German, and you’re a better person for it. Today we’ll concentrate on a more obscure language, generally popular only in niche markets and in some pretentious intellectual circles.

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