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“Our aim is to create connections and forge strong ties between generations.” Spotlight on NQT, advocating for job placement among underserved areas, and Gymglish partner.

Since 2006, NQT (“Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” or “Our neighborhoods have talent”) has been setting up professional sponsorship programs aimed at promoting work opportunities, mentoring and network sharing between professionals and recent graduates who are finding it hard to enter the job market.

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10 Good French movies to learn French

We’ve noticed you skipping the French film section on Netflix to catch up on the latest episode of Black Mirror, and we can hardly blame you. However, you might be surprised and/or pleased to know that French films are more accessible than they have ever been anywhere in the world.

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The 10 ultimate false friends

False friends – Are they good or bad? At this point, we’d accept any friend. All the same, you should watch out for these guys – they’re worse than Brutus, Judas and Benedict Arnold combined.

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