Duolingo French vs. Frantastique: which is best?

Launched in 2012, Duolingo French is one of many courses launched by Duolingo after the platform was created in 2012. Duolingo French offers more than 200 lessons.

The Duolingo French method

The Duolingo French method works within a gaming-like graphical environment and offers short 10-minute exercises to be done daily, focusing on French vocabulary and grammar.

The French course on Duolingo is divided into 25 levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each level includes lessons based on topics like family or travel, as well as French vocabulary, grammar, and conjugation exercises, allowing learners to improve both their written and oral comprehension in the French language.

Duolingo French consists of over 200 lessons, with each lesson presenting a series of 20 questions.

In addition to the daily lessons, Duolingo French provides additional content for continued learning, such as a chatbot, a forum, and a podcast called the “Duolingo French Podcast” for English-speaking learners.

The Duolingo French method is based on:

  • Very short lessons that last only a few minutes.
  • Personalized lessons, adapting to the learner’s level and learning style.
  • Duolingo French emphasizes the development of oral expression and oral comprehension in the French language
  • Duolingo provides immediate feedback and encourages the learner to retry until they make no mistakes.
  • Duolingo French features a cast of recurring characters who ask questions or assist the learner, including Duo, the green bird mascot of the application; Bea, an ambitious character who knows what she wants; Falstaff, a bear wearing a blue scarf, and Zari, an intelligent and energetic young woman.

The Frantastique method

Since 2012, Frantastique (by Gymglish) has been offering fun, adaptive online French lessons, based on regular sessions to optimize long term gains and memorization. Frantastique motivates and encourages its users to continue their progress by making e-learning as fun as possible.

  • Frantastique users receive a lesson every morning (by email or push notification on mobiles and tablets), making lessons easily accessible. 
  • A French lesson lasts from 10 to 15 minutes a day. We recommend short but regular effort over the long run.
  • Our AI software adapts each lesson to the needs and level of the learner. He or she receives personalized content, explanations and corrections to make sure every minute is well spent. Frantastique follows the adventures of an Intergalactic agency on a French-speaking planet who defrosted Victor Hugo to act as a guide to Francophone culture and life. But first, Victor must bring mustard from Earth in order to avoid a bloody revolution.
  • Depending on each individual’s learning speed and capacity to remember, the engine will define different time intervals for reviewing specific points. This optimizes long-term memorization and makes sure revision is as effective as possible.

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Duolingo Features

Upon registration for the Duolingo French course, users have the option to set a daily goal ranging from a few days to several months.

  • The French lessons assess language skills in terms of listening comprehension, speaking, and translation.
  • The Duolingo French method operates based on the concept of “spaced repetition,” which allows users to review French grammar and vocabulary points over time.
  • Microlearning technology is utilized, offering short daily learning sessions.
  • Gamification is employed to foster user engagement.
  • Collaborative learning is encouraged, as users can invite their contacts to participate in “duels” and track their progress.

Frantastique Features

  • Frantastique lessons tests language skills such as reading, listening and writing.
  • The lessons also offer innovative learning technologies like adaptive learning, spaced learning, and microlearning to ensure retention of knowledge over time.
  • At the end of their training, learners receives a certificate of completion with statistics on the level, progress and participation.
  • Each lesson offers a cultural reference at the end called the dessert (films, series, songs, quote, etc.)
  • Frantastique offers the personalization of lessons according to each learner’s level, strengths and weaknesses.

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Duolingo French: for which level? 

Duolingo French is suitable for all levels, except advanced learners of French. If the learner isn’t a beginner, Duolingo French offers a free level assessment test at the beginning of the course (containing around 20 questions) in order to determine the learner’s initial level.

Frantastique: for which level?

Frantastique is suitable for all levels except true French beginners and offers a free seven-day trial after which each learner will receive a complete level assessment (containing an outline of their current strengths and weaknesses).

How much does Duolingo French cost? 

The basic version of Duolingo French – which features advertising – is free. There is also an ad-free version called “Duolingo Plus” which starts at €6.30/month (for a 12-month subscription) and which doesn’t require an internet connection.

How much does Frantastique cost? 

All Frantastique language course prices and subscriptions are available here.

Frantastique vs. Duolingo French at a glance

Free trialYes (7 days)Yes (7 days)
Number of lessons+200480
PlatformMobile app / DesktopIOS and Android mobile application / Desktop
Strong pointsMicrolearningAdaptive learningGamificationCollaborative learningAdaptive learningMicrolearningSpaced learningFun and humorous contentEnd of training learning reportPersonalized pedagogical contentCultural references
PricesFree or €7.30/month for Duolingo PlusFrom € 23 /month
Subscription period6 or 12 months6 to 36 months
LevelsAll levels (except advanced)All levels, except true beginners (A2 to C2)
Language skills testedListening, speaking, translationReading, listening, writing

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