COP: The Word of the Month December 2015

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Cop: Informal name for a police officer. Don’t confuse with to cope (to deal with something difficult).

C.O.P.: The Conference Of Parties, dedicated to addressing climate change.

COPS in the News

This month, 196 world leaders met in Paris for 2 weeks of cocaine and strippers to solve global warming.

The 21st C.O.P. concluded with a plan to cope with the problem. Then the cops came and beat up a bunch of hippies.

Calling the Cops

Bobbies: British cops. Sweet hat, mate.

Boys in blue: US cops. Not having their best year.

Mounties: Canadian cops. Horse included.

Kollegen mat den Rallysträifen: Luxembourg cops. Abbreviation is not their strength.

Cop Expressions

To cop a feel: To touch sexually without permission. Chancellor Merkel, contain yourself!

To cop some Z’s: To sleep. President Hollande, it’s been a rough month, but wake up!

To cop a fix: To obtain drugs. Mr. Putin. you’ve been in the toilets for ages!

To cop out: To fail to assume responsibility. What they say they will stop doing.

Believable? Happy New Year anyhow. 2016 is going to be a hot one!

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