ODD: The Word of the Month January 2016

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Odd (adj): strange, different, unusual;

Also: An uneven number (1,3,5…).

Odds (noun): the probability of something happening.

Ex: That’s odd, Donald Trump may become US president. What are the odds?

Odd in the news

David Bowie, the odd rock icon with odd hair and odd style passed away this month.

Bowie died two days after releasing his final album. Odd marketing strategy or odd coincidence?

Odds and Ends

1 in 700k: Being hit by lightning. Increase your odds by wearing a metal hat.

1 in 67: Giving birth to twins. Fertility drugs, like condoms, help defy the odds.

1 in 18: Having a third nipple. Happens more often than you think.

1 in 2: Getting divorced. Finally, an attainable goal!

Odd Bowie Songs

I’m afraid of Americans: When Bowie learned about Donald Trump.

Starman: Bowie was bending gender before it was cool.

Space Oddity: Bowie spent more time in space than most stars.

R.I.P* Ziggy Stardust. You loved America, space and androgyny, the three pillars of rock&roll.

  • R.I.P = Rest In Peace

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