MOURN: The Word of the Month November 2015

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To mourn: To feel grief or regret for a death.

Mourning: An expression of sorrow for someone that has died.

Example: We spent much of the morning mourning.

Mourning in the news

Another month, another terrorist attack:

In Paris, 130 dead and 300 injured on the evening of 11/13/2015 led to a worldwide period of mourning.

The victims were guilty of crimes such as drinking, listening to music, eating, watching football, living.

Classic Mourning Traditions

Viking funeral: Put corpse on boat, then set both on fire. Requires: boat, cadaver, vikings.

Wear black: It’s timeless, tragic and slimming.

Drink: En vino, forgetfullness.

Alternative Mourning Options

Launch a missile: That’s your answer to everything.

Light a candle: Better than a rocket.

Hug your neighbor, and wish them a good mo(u)rning.

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