5 essentials you need on your next trip to Barcelona

Traveling to Barcelona this year? ¡Claro que sí! But what to bring? This city is well known for its beaches, tapas, arts and naps, and of course the numerous Barcelonans that circulate freely there !

If you’re going to come to la Ciudad Condal, you gotta travel smart. Here are 5 can’t-miss items to take with you on your next trip to Barcelona. 

A comfortable pair of shoes

Lately, there’s been some misinformation on the value of comfortable shoes in Barcelona and Spain more generally. Don’t believe everything you read! Comfortable shoes are still vital in this Spanish metropolis! If you insist on bringing high heels, skis or soccer boots, feel free, but the veteran travelers at Gymglish are willing to bet that a pair of comfortable walking shoes will be ultra helpful, particularly on las Ramblas, or many of the uniquely pedestrian streets and sidewalks here.

Toothbrush & toothpaste

There are some cities (St. Petersburg, London for example) where dental hygiene can be put on hold for months at a time – Barcelona is NOT one of them! Set aside any temptation to take a holiday from your toothbrush and toothpaste while having the time of your life in “Badelona”. Bottom line: your toothbrush and toothpaste will serve you better in this beautiful Spanish city than anywhere else on the planet!

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It’s never comfortable to talk about money, and we apologize in advance for broaching this touchy subject. It wouldn’t be right however if we didn’t warn you that any trip to Barcelona will almost certainly require some sort of financial expense. Cash, credit card, debit card, traveler’s checks, even bitcoin – you’ll likely need some form of capital to purchase goods and services in this city. The number of monetary transactions that take place daily in Barcelona is stunning: from food to accommodation, transportation to entertainment, contrary to popular belief, Barcelona is not free of charge!

Books, podcasts, films or other media

Todo sobre mi madre, Pedro Almódovar

Barcelona is a feast for the eyes and ears: architecture, museums, parks are among the many features that make the city one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. That said, this city is unique in that you’ll surely have some downtime here. Whether it’s in your hotel lobby, apartment rental, on a bus, taxi, train or at an authentic typical café or fast food restaurant, Barcelona famously provides visitors with plenty of opportunities for reading, listening, watching and playing. Don’t forget this when packing your bags!

A wifi-capable “Smartphone”

With Internet access just gaining popularity, and connected cities being the exception to the rule, it’s understandable if you believe there’s no need to bring your phone with you to Barcelona. Uh… think again! Barcelona is connected to the Internet and boasts a number of places to connect in the city proper. These uniquely Barcelona hotspots will allow you to go online using your telephone, making it easy to get directions, send emails, post your pics on social media and more. Take a moment to say gracias to the city planners in Barcelona – Thanks for being an early adopter of cutting-edge technology!

💡Pro tip: Be sure to remember your email addresses, passwords and logins – Barcelona is one of the places you’ll actually be needing them!

Bonus item to bring with you to Barcelona: some knowledge of the Spanish language. Try our online Spanish course Hotel Borbollón for more essential travel and language tips.

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