5 essentials to bring on your next trip to Berlin

Ah, Berlin – Tempelhof field, that big wall, the nightclubs that systematically refuse me entry… it’s a city you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

But in a city this unique, you’ll need to be ready for anything. Gymglish is here to give the must-have, absolutely essential items to bring with you on your next trip to the gray city by the sea, aka Dickes B. Are we allowed to say that?

A suitcase or other baggage

You’ll never believe the number of people who don’t follow this advice, but take it from us – suitcases are a great way to transport clothes, valuables and even personal items to Berlin. Top tip: Some suitcases roll on wheels that are perfect for the typical flat sidewalks in the hip Kreuzberg neighborhoods. Did we pronounce that right? Probably not.

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At least one change of clothes

Sure, this might seem obvious, but if you want to truly experience everything that Berlin has to offer, it’s best to do it in clothes that are clean, comfortable and fit you. You don’t want to have to buy an entire new wardrobe for your trip! Uh, life hack much? Bring the change of clothes in the suitcase we told you about in tip 1.  earlier.

A charger for electronics

In a lot of different cities, you could probably get by on a single charge for your entire trip. In Berlin however,  “nein don’t think so, mein freund!” You’ll be charging your phone and electronic devices a TON, especially around the Bundestag. Yuck, sorry to bring up politics. Bottom line: In a city like Berlin, you’ll need to be fully charged. 

Any prescription medication that you need to live

Berlin is modern, Berlin is hip, Berlin is historic, but  just because you’re visiting Berlin doesn’t mean that you should stop taking your medication! Sure, you may be tempted to throw your pills into the Spree river because it’s Berlin, right? But you really shouldn’t. Whether you’re clubbing late night at Checkpoint Charlie, or chilling out at Potsdam Place, don’t forget your meds!

A passport or some sort of legal ID

I get so frustrated when people assume they won’t need a legal form of identification. It’s like, what did you think your library card was going to get you into Brandenburg airport? I mean, sure it worked once for me, but still, if you’re going to travel to Berlin from another country: YOU WILL NEED A PASSPORT or legal ID. Trust us – you don’t want to take a chance with this one! Uh, sorry, but that’s just what it’s like in Berlin!

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