5 essentials to bring on your next trip to Paris

Traveling to Paris this year? Mais oui ! But what to bring? Be prepared for everything Paris throws at you with these 5 must-have items for your trip!

This city is notorious for its rude waiters, troubling sidewalk congestion and the numerous Parisians that circulate freely in the capital. If you’re going to come to the city of lights, you gotta travel smart. Here’s what you’ll need:

A suitcase or other baggage

You’ll never believe the number of people who don’t follow this advice, but take it from Gymglish – suitcases are a great way to transport your clothes, valuables and personal items to Paris. Top tip: Some suitcases roll on wheels that are perfect for the famously flat sidewalks of the 16th arrondissement.

At least one change of clothes

Sure, this might seem obvious, but if you want to truly experience everything that Paris has to offer, it’s best to do it in clothes that are clean, comfortable, and fit you. You don’t want to have to buy an entire new wardrobe for your trip!

đź’ˇ Pro Tip: Bring a change of clothes in the suitcase or bag you brought!

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A charger for electronics

In a lot of different cities, you could probably get by on a single charge for your entire trip. In Paris however, that’s a hard “non!” You’ll be charging your phone and electronic devices a TON in the city, so bring a charger. Having your phone fully charged will allow you to document your trip with photos, stay in touch with friends and family, and navigate the town with GPS guidance. Only, in Paris, right?

A passport or some sort of legal ID

It’s disturbing how many of us assume a legal form of identification is optional or nice to have – let us clear up that misconception right now. If you travel to France from another country: YOU WILL NEED A PASSPORT or legal ID. Trust us – you don’t want to take a chance with this one! You may be asked to provide it before you even board your plane or train! Sorry, but that’s just Paris!

Any prescription medication you need to live. 

Paris is romantic, Paris is cultural, but just because you’re visiting Paris doesn’t mean that you should stop taking your medication! Sure, you may be tempted to neglect your doctor’s advice while you’re navigating the art galleries in the Marais, people-watching in St. Germain, or snapping photos of the Champs ÉlysĂ©e, but in Paris now more than ever – don’t forget your meds – you’ll want to be alive to see all that Paris has to offer!

Conclusion: Paris is a rich, cultural and unique city that everyone deserves to experience. That said, we can’t apply the same rules to each trip you take. Though many of these items on this list may not seem obvious, we highly encourage you to think outside the box and bring these with you!

Bonus item to bring with you to Paris: some knowledge of the French language. Try our online French course Frantastique for more essential travel and language tips.

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