“Speaking English is an essential integration tool for today’s working professionals” Objectif pour l’emploi, Gymglish Partner

“Enhancing diversity and creating opportunities by supporting career guidance and employment integration” – this is the goal our partner Objectif pour l’emploi works towards every day.

Based in Lyon, this 25-year-old organization works with a diverse audience and offers personalized support on a daily basis to best meet their needs (sounds like someone we know). Today, we speak with Alexandra Rossi, Head of Development and Partnerships for Objectif pour l’emploi. She gives us a glimpse of an average day at Objectif pour l’emploi as well as details the training needs of her audience.

Hi Alexandra! Could you describe your organization Objectif pour l’emploi?

Of course! The main purpose of our organization is to foster employment integration and career guidance. We do this by setting up programs destined to help job seekers and young graduates with a three-year degree across all sectors. We have signed a partnership with the urban community of Lyon to help thousands of young graduates who are currently unemployed, as well as those benefiting from the RSA (a stipend from the French State for eligible residents). Over the past couple of years, we have been setting up support programs, namely DIGIJOB, an initiative that aims to retrain job seekers to better succeed in the digital sector.

As part of our partnership with the urban community of Lyon, we support 60 job seekers every month. We provide group and individual sessions with sponsoring, coaching (help writing resumes and cover letters) as well as training and group workshops focused on issues related to job searches, stress management, etc.

Does this mean you have a clear picture of your beneficiaries’ training needs?

Yes. Our audience is very diverse, and the needs for young graduates are very different from someone who has little or no qualifications. Our role is to provide them with support towards employment that aligns with their needs and career path. Often, beneficiaries identify their training needs by themselves or with the help of their sponsors.

Gymglish’s Social Impact program is especially pertinent for our organization; often, overqualified young graduates do not benefit from any financial support from the State in regards to training (editor’s note: the Social Impact program allows Gymglish to offer free training for non-profit organizations in the field of in education and integration). Learning English is an obvious choice, and an effective employment integration tool, no doubt about it.

Is their interest among your trainees for French writing help?

Written French training is also very important to us. We are fully aware that poor spelling is often a discriminating factor in French employment, but our aim is not to rub anyone’s nose in it. Thanks to online courses such as Frantastique ortho, our beneficiaries are able to work on these issues, which sadly often lead to exclusion in the business and private sector.

Generally speaking, our beneficiaries are very receptive to both Gymglish and Frantastique Ortho, as they provide a great deal of flexibility and autonomy, which are key values for us and them. The fact that lessons are fun and quirky makes our beneficiaries want to come back for more. In that sense, the partnership we have set up with Gymglish is relevant, and falls within our employment integration approach. We are happy to offer free training to people with low income who wouldn’t be able to afford such training otherwise.

Think your organization could benefit from our Social Impact program?
Read more on our program here or write to us at this address.

More on our Social Impact program

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