BLAST – The Word of the Month for August 2020

WOM - Blast

Every month, we take a look at a word in the headlines, in English, for your English. See more at The Word of the Month.


A blast: an explosion; a strong, sudden movement of air.

To blast: to attack vigorously or damage.
Also: to strongly criticize.
Also: to play music loudly.

Blast!: “Damn!” for posh British people.

Blast in the news

This month, a massive blast struck Beirut, causing extensive damage and killing over 180.

Who’s to blast for this blast? Terrorists? Syria? Israel? Russia? Turkey? Yanks?

Nope, fertilizer.

Blasting idioms

At full blast: at maximum level. Ex: What explosion? I was listening to Metallica at full blast.

A blast from the past: A powerful reminder of the past. Ex: Mr. President, your casual misogyny is a blast from the past.

To have a blast: To have a lot of fun. Ex: I had a blast at your party, it was totally worth catching Covid.

Blasts from the past

Chernobyl: Your blast was small, but your legacy is forever.

Hiroshima: The blast to end all blasts. Apart from Nagasaki 3 days later.

The Big Bang: One of the rare blasts that created rather than destroyed.

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