LAY OFF: The Word of the Month for February 2019

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A layoff: a dismissal, a redundancy. 
To lay off: to fire, to dismiss. 

Also: to stop bothering someone; to cease an activity. 
Ex: Lay off me! I’m trying to lay off coffee.

Layoffs in the news

February has seen 2000+ layoffs in digital publishing (Buzzfeed, Vice) as Facebook swallows advertising revenue. 

Many talented journalists will have to lay offinvestigating and writing for now. 

Fortunately, everyone on social media is a journalist now. BTW, did you hear that the Earth was flat?

Things to do after the layoff

Lay low: Be discrete. People might not notice you’re unemployed. 

Lay an egg (like a hen). Learning new skills is essential for re-employment. 

Get laid: Have sex. Better than being screwed by Facebook.

In layman’s terms

Husband 1: Honey, I just got laid

Husband 2: What?! 

Husband 1: I mean I just got laid off

Husband 2: WHAT?! 

Husband 1: I mean I just laid an egg

Husband 2: Honey, please lay off the drugs.

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