BAN: The Word of the Month for March 2019

Every month, we take a look at a word in the headlines, in English, for your English. See more at The Word of the Month.


To ban (pants): to forbid or prohibit (pants)

A ban (on bikinis): an interdiction, a prohibition (of bikinis)

Ex: Oh “Gang Ban”? I thought you said “Gang Bang”. I’ll get dressed.

Bans in the news

30+ countries have banned the Boeing 737 Max jet after 2 major crashes. 

Following a deadly mass shooting, New Zealand has banned assault rifles. 

The Maduro government has banned international aid to Venezuelans. 

Not fans of the third ban.

Questionable bans

Alcohol: But what are we supposed to put in our breakfast cereal? 

Tobacco: Is there any conclusive science about its danger? 

Books: Those antiques? Just don’t touch our phones. 

Spanking: Should be limited to consenting adults. 

Cursing: About f*cking time.

Things that could be banned

Mondays: Just a thought. 

TYPING IN ALL CAPS: Why is everyone on the internet yelling? 

US intervention in Latin America. So far, so bad. 

Human Cruelty: No one is tired of this yet?

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