CRUSH: The Word of the Month for January 2019


To crush: to press something so hard that it breaks; to defeat convincingly.

A crush: a romantic infatuation.

Ex: Oedipus has an embarrassing crush on his mother.

Crushes in the news

UK prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal was crushed in parliament, 432 votes to 202. Theresa May (or may not) resign.

That’s the biggest defeat in UK history (not including football matches against Germany).

Don’t confuse “crush” with:

Crutch. A support to help injured people (or countries?) walk again.

Crunch. The sound of something being crushed, like cornflakes (or a nation’s dignity?).

Crash. A collision or accident (in Brexit terms, a Mini driving over a cliff?).

UK & Europe: a historic love affair

Stone Age. Britain connected to Europe by land. Prehistoric crush.

6500 BCE. Flooding creates English Channel. Very Hard Brexit.

1973. UK joins Europe, but still flirts with the rest of the world.

2019. Divorce? A crushing blow for this old couple.

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