EVE: The Word of the Month for December 2018


Eve: Fancy word for “evening”, the period after the afternoon, but before night.

Also: The day before a holiday or big event: Ex: Christmas eve, New Year’s eve, the eve of battle.

Eves in the news

On the eve of 2019, a period of family, warmth and reflection, meditate on the joys of 2018: riots, tsunamis, government dysfunction, political soap operas, wildfires, rising populism, and some remarkably dumb tweets.

All about Eve

The New Year is sometimes symbolized by a giant baby, much like the current US government.

Eve, the biblical matriarch, was created by God using Adam’s rib, then tricked by a male snake. Eve would spend the rest of her life searching for justice.

Common New Year’s resolutions

  • Join the gym
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop smoking at the gym
  • Delete Facebook
  • Call Mom
  • Delete Mom’s Facebook

Luckily, these usually only last 3 weeks. Vive la résolution and Happy New Year!

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