GREECE: The Word of the Month July 2011

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Greece is a small European country with big financial problems.

Greece is known for its olives, minotaurs, gay party islands, marble statues, orgies and depressing economic outlook.

Greek Tragedy in 3 acts

1. Economic crisis hits. Greece asks for financial support from the EU.

2. In a generous act of European solidarity, Germany emphatically refuses.

3. Austerity measures are approved, to the delight of the people.

Greece is the word

‘It’s all Greek to me’: expression meaning ‘I don’t understand.’ Ex: The Greek economy is all Greek to me.

Greco-Roman wrestling: Greeks enjoy pillow fights with Romans. Highly erotic.

Greek sandwiches, meal of choice for the fat, lazy and engineers, are actually Turkish.

Unique Greeks

Zeus: Swallowed by father, escaped stomach, killed dad, married sister. And you think you’ve got problems?

Helen of Troy: ‘The face that launched a thousand ships’, according to Homer.

Plato: Enjoyed caves, republics, and non-sexual relationships.

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