CUCUMBER: The Word of the Month June 2011

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The cucumber is a long green vegetable which your mother forced you to eat.

Cucumbers can measure up to 60 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter. That’s a lot of cucumber!

Cucumbers in the News:

Selected European cucumbers have been accused of carrying the E-coli bacteria.

As its name suggests, the E-coli virus is spread by E-mail.

Most of the recent vegetable attacks have been traced to Germany… another reason not to go there.

Cucumbers in Action (CIA):

Scientists claim that eating 16 cucumbers per day prevents hunger.

The expression ‘cool as a cucumber’ means to be calm and collected… you know, just like a cucumber.

5 Excellent Uses for Cucumbers:

  • Conduct a vegetable symphony
  • Shout ‘J’accuse’ at people on the bus
  • Paint one yellow and throw it to a monkey
  • Put one in a cocktail for a giant
  • Halloween Costumes

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