Hearing – The Word of the Month de Mars 2022

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Hearing: the ability to perceive sound.

A (legal) hearing: an audience; an opportunity to be listened to.

Listen up! Don’t confuse hearing with earring or ears, used to hear.

Hearings in the news

This month, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman nominee for the US Supreme Court, went through confirmation hearings in the Senate.

To many watching, the hearing looked like a fiasco, with questions about Brown’s faith, pedophiles, women’s biology and “critical race theory”.

Hearing Expressions

(I’m) hearing things: Receiving information or rumors; to hallucinate. Both have their charms.

Hard of hearing: difficulties perceiving sound. Unfortunately, Judge Jackson has perfect hearing.

A fair hearing: the opportunity to defend yourself when accused. Do judges deserve one?

Becoming a Supreme Court Justice:

Go to Harvard or Yale. Where networking meets nepotism.

Wear a robe: Bathrobes don’t count. We checked.

Be well qualified. Pray your political party has a majority.

Congratulations, Justice Jackson. We hear your hearing was successful.

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