Woke – The Word of the Month for May 2022

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Woke: (US Slang) variant of “awake”, meaning alert to issues, especially of racial and social justice

Ex: “I tip my Latina barista at least 10%, so you could say I’m pretty woke.”

Woke in the news

Conservative media: “The woke socialist agenda threatens the fabric of society.”

Liberal media: “Woke causes could be addressed at some point, but no rush.”

Black people: “Woke used to be our word.”

Woke or awake? A pop quiz

1. I drank 93 espressos. I’m [A]

2. A baby started crying at 4am. It [B] me up.

3. My goldfish reads Marx. He/she is [C].

Answers: A. awake B. woke C. woke

Don’t confuse WOKE with:

Wookie: Enormous furry creature from Star Wars. Ironically has very antiquated ideas on gay marriage.

Wok: Large asian pan, very progressive piece of cookware. #StayWok

Work: Capitalist endeavor that just can’t stop. Woke bosses should implement a 3-day work week. Listening, Gymglish?

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