RECIPE – The Word of the Month for December 2021

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Recipe (ress-i-pee): a set of ingredients, a formula, often for cooking.

Related expressions:

Recipe for success: a winning formula, ex: most years before 2020.

Recipe for disaster: a losing formula ex: the ensuing years.

Recipe for a modern year 1/3

  • In an Earth-sized mixing bowl, add 3 spoons of climate crisis.
  • Mix in 5 liters of rapidly-spreading global pandemic with divisive political implications.
  • Pour in 3 to 4 nationalist outbreaks and shake violently.

Recipe for a modern year 2/3

  • In an oven, light the economy on fire for 11-12 months.
  • Prepare a baking sheet with 6 cups of Internet disinformation.
  • After 100 days, remove any democratic norms remaining.

Recipe for a modern year 3/3

  • Toss a handful of incoherent confinement rules into a pot.
  • While boiling, add a pinch of police abuse on film.
  • Melt 2 polar ice caps into the mix.
  • Add multiple Covid variants to taste

Happy New Year. Let’s not make this recipe a tradition.

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