TOKEN – The Word of the Month for April 2021

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A token: substitute for coins, used as a form of payment.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT): A database record representing a digital asset, like a photo. Can be traded via blockchain like cryptocurrencies.

Don’t confuse with:
A toke: a single puff of marijuana. You might need one to understand NFTs.

Tokens in the news

This month, Sotheby’s sold $17 million worth of NFTs representing digital artwork by anonymous artist Pak.

Meanwhile, thousands of confused crypto enthusiasts are now millionaires thanks to Bitcoin and other digital tokens.

Another toke?

Token gestures

A token person: A minority person included to create the illusion of diversity. Ex: Should we maybe invite a token woman to the abortion debate?

A token of appreciation: A symbol of gratitude. Ex: Excellent walk, dog. Here’s 0.000001 Bitcoin for you.

Two sides of the same token

Cryptocurrency is

+ indecipherable
+ decentralised
+ a middle finger to banks

– indecipherable
– unavailable as payment
– a middle finger to the environment

One last toke for the road?

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