FOIL: The Word of the Month August 2015

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To foil (verb): To prevent something (bad) from succeeding

Example: Our attempt to rob the bank was foiled when a small dog named Paco phoned the police.

Foiled plots in the news

This month, a terrorist attack on a European train was foiled by a group of young Americans and a 60-year-old British consultant.

The Americans were then immediately thrown off the train for speaking too loudly.

Know your foils

Aluminium foil
Primary use: Cooking.
Secondary use: Hat for crazy people.

Fencing Foil
Primary use: Thin sword for fencing.
Secondary use: Tooth pick for giants.

Primary use: Fast, gliding boat.
Secondary use: Stressing out the whales, man.

How to foil a terrorist plot

  1. Be brave and courageous. Or American.
  2. Be on holiday in Amsterdam. They say it sharpens your reflexes.
  3. Wait hours for occupied train toilet. Tackle whoever comes out.

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