EARTH: The Word of the Month June 2012

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Earth: The planet most of us live on. The third planet closest to the sun.

Also — Land or ground; ‘dirt’ or ‘soil’, the substance that plants grow in.

Earth News

The 2012 Earth Summit is taking place June 20–22 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 108 countries will send their heads of state.

Since Stockholm in 1972, here is an exhaustive list of the Earth Summits’ achievements: Nothing.

The Earth In Numbers

Planet Earth is composed of 71% water and 29% land, the same composition as the average hot-dog.

According to science, the earth is perfectly round on all 4 sides.

Earth Tips

Don’t print e-mails — every time you do, a baby polar bear dies.

Recycling a bottle of champagne can feed a family of unicorns for 3 days.

Feel bad! Global warming is all your fault.

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