DEBT: The Word of the Month September 2011

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A debt is a sum of money owed.

A debt crisis is what is happening right now. If you can afford a window, look out of it.

Note: The ‘B’ in ‘Debt’ is silent, like a Swiss banker.

Debtocracy Now: A crisis in numbers

127 — The average number of credit cards owned per person in the US.

704 vs 28,841 (USD) — China’s average debt per capita compared to the US. (Real number)

5 — The number of fingers on the average human hand. (This one’s real too)

Notorious Creditors

Notorious Debtors

  • Uncle Sam (the US government): 12 trillion in debt, but it’s ok, they can print more money.
  • CitiBank
  • Your little brother Joe (Where’s my money, Joe?)

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