“We create short, free training courses for in-demand roles.” Lucien Hilaire, Generation France, Gymglish partner

Since 2004, our Social Impact program has supported the goals of our partner associations by offering free training to their community.

Today, we spotlight our partner, Generation France. They aim to foster employment integration for vulnerable population groups Lucien Hilaire, Head of Learner Experience, explains what makes Generation France unique, and sheds light on Gymglish’s role in their training.

Hello Lucien! Can you tell us more about what Generation France is all about?

Generation France was created in 2008 and operates in the French cities of Paris, Lille and Nantes. Our core focus lies in preparing, placing, and supporting young people in difficulty across a range of sectors and professions. We believe training is the key to a successful and lasting career, which is why we offer free and short training programs for in-demand positions, allowing our community to enter the job market as quickly as possible.

Generation France provides mentorship to ensure a smooth transition from theory to work placement. We also organize job dating and other events where learners can meet employers. 

Among the thousands of people you support, what would you say is your typical learner profile?

At Generation France, we support three main learner profiles.

The first learner type is made up of young individuals who have been unemployed for a long period of time and who find it difficult to use their professional experience and qualifications to their advantage. These learners come to us in order to benefit from solid training which they can quickly put into practice. 

The second is more specific as it is linked to our Objectif Métier Santé program. We offer training to those who do not have a high school diploma and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Senior learners make up the third profile; they are either retraining or going back to work after a long break (parental leave, maternity leave, etc.). Although qualified and experienced, they find it hard to secure a job. Our goal is to build on their experience and train them in line with new market standards and expectations.

Since 2020, your company has been part of our Social Impact program. Could you tell us more about this partnership?

We were looking for a French language training program and we immediately fell in love with Gymglish’s approach, which met all of our requirements. Many of our learners are migrants or former migrants who need to brush up their French in order to secure a job. 

For Customer Care jobs for instance, French is an essential requirement, an area where, sadly, many of our candidates fall short. We offer these candidates your online French course Frantastique. The benefit is twofold; they can improve their French language skills and, at the same time, use this training to their advantage when meeting with a prospective employer.

In our opinion, Gymglish offers easy-to-use, high-quality courses with a diversity of content. We are delighted to work alongside Gymglish and hope it will last for many years to come.

Where do you see Generation France in the near future?

This year, we are planning to launch a new bicycle maintenance and a sales rep program. In light of our experience, we know which industries to target to help our community secure a job. With this in mind, we will be launching at least one new program in the tech sector next year, in order to meet the growing needs of the market. 

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