Selected differences between Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish

There can only be uno! Today, we explore a difference between Latin American and Castilian Spanish.

Note: Spanish is not a monolith – there are of course exceptions to the rule.

1) Coche vs. Carro

Tip #1 may drive you crazy.

2) Móvil vs. Celular

Tip #2 should always be in your pocket

3) Ordenador vs. Computadora / Computador

Tip #3 is digitally savvy.

4) Patata vs. Papa

Today’s tip is coming in hot.

5) Nevera vs. Refrigerador

Tip #5 is the definition of cool.

6) Gafas vs. Lentes

Tip #6 is a bit short-sighted.

7) Zumo vs. Jugo

Tip #7 is very juicy.

8) Bocadillo vs. Sándwich

Tip #8 is a tasty snack.

9) Gaseosa vs. Soda

Tip #9 will gas you up.

10) Cacahuete vs. Maní

Tip #10 is ideal for elephants and workers who deserve an increase to the minimum wage.

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