A guide to selected untranslatable words in French

It goes without saying that learning French is a good idea, probably healthier than going to the gym or reading books.

After all, French is the language of love, various sugary confections, with a bit of je ne sais quoi mixed in for good measure.

You should know however there may be some confusing moments along your learning journey. That’s why we’re here to add to the confusion with “Lost in translation”: a guide to unique French terms with no direct English equivalent. Here we go:


Definition: A reunion a long time in the making; the feeling of happiness upon seeing someone after a long period.


Definition: To find yourself in an environment you’re not used to, for better or for worse; the feeling of disorientation a person might feel in a foreign environment.


Definition: The act of aimlessly wandering with no goal; the art of leisurely strolling.


Definition: Someone sensitive to cold weather, who gets chilly easily.

If these untranslatables have left you puzzled, we’re proper sorry – let’s patch things up with our useful and funny list of French sayings!

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