“The perfect method doesn’t exist”: meet Gymglish partner Alban

Alban is the creator of the website and YouTube channel “Anglais Cours Club”, and has been a Gymglish partner since 2009.

Born in Toulouse, Alban is so passionate about the English language that he’s eager to share his motivation with his online community, through courses designed for every level.

Hello Alban! First of all, could you tell us where your love for the English language and culture comes from?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved English. When I finished my studies in 2009, I was keen to look for entrepreneurial opportunities, and I started publishing a few articles on my website. The idea was to test the market to see if the general public needed help in learning this complicated language. Ten years later, with a community of 80,000 subscribers and 77,000 followers on YouTube, I can honestly say that yes, French people really do want to learn English!

How would you describe your online community and the type of content you offer?

My community is mostly made up of adults, but also students and pensioners. Some want to learn English to visit their grandchildren who live in English-speaking countries, others want to boost their career prospects. Just like me, they want to keep on learning, regardless of their age.

On Anglais Cours Club, we offer “AnglaisBases” (literally “Basics Of English”) training, which is the most popular program among online members. My goal is not to point fingers at the bad students, but rather to help each and every one of them improve their English skills.

Just like Gymglish, I try to create fun and varied content on my YouTube channel by introducing different accents and cultures, with the help of my English contributors Ben, Tessa and Nathalie.

You are also a Gymglish partner. How did you learn about our online courses?

Well, it all started when your team approached me. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with your online lessons, but I tested them for a month to determine whether or not the method works. I must say that compared to all the other courses I’ve tried over the years, Gymglish is the only one I’m still partnered with today.

I’m very honest with my community, and I get very positive feedback on the Gymglish method. I’m always happy to tell them about our working relationship.

What is your advice for anyone out there who wants to learn English?

I might disappoint you by saying this (editor’s note: of course not!) but for me, there’s no right or wrong method to learn. It’s important for learners to identify what works for them, what makes them want to learn on a daily basis. Is it classroom learning? Daily online lessons like Gymglish? Maybe they’d prefer going to live in an English-speaking country? Each person must find what really motivates them – there are countless ways to learn English and some can even complement each other so… just go for it!

For more information, visit the Anglais Cours Club website and Alban’s YouTube channel.

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