HISTORY: The Word of the Month June 2014

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History (noun): “A version of past events that people have agreed upon” -Napoleon.

A subjective narrative describing past actions that occasionally borders on the truth.

Historical Months of June

June 1914: Murder of Franz Ferdinand kicks off WWI. The rest is history• .

June 1944: Normandy D-Day landings in WWII. History repeats itself.

June 2014: US finally defeats longtime rival Ghana at World Cup. Will go down in history.

Revisionist History

1032 BCE: Atilla the Hun walks on the moon, 24 hours before the Russians.

57 AD: Roman philosopher Godzilla unveils new M&M’s color scheme.

1999: Dinosaurs return to home planet.

Historical Idioms

The rest is history. We all know how the story ends.

History repeats itself. History repeats itself.

To go down in history. Will be remembered forever. Example: our collective amnesia.

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