SPACE: The Word of the Month July 2014

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Space (noun): An empty or unoccupied area.


Also, the physical universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Example: (Not enough space)

Space in the news

July 20th marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11moon landing, and the climax of the space race.

Since then, humanity has not conquered many planets, but is has conquered the Internet.

Space Exploration

To space out: To lose yourself in thought. Bad idea during space travel.

A space cake: A cookie filled with drugs. Perfect for spacing out.

A parking space: Urban legend, like unicorns or global warming.


Space Invasion

Space Tourism: For the modest price of 250k, get married in outer space.

Outer Space: Coincidentally, no one can hear you scream here, or so we’ve heard.

NASA, if you are listening (probable), let’s get this moon colony off the ground — Earth is running out of space!

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