MOTHER: The Word of the Month May 2014

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Mother: The woman that expelled you from her uterus, and/or adopted you from a remote village.

AKA: Mom, Mum, Mommy, Mummy, Mama, Ma, Mamoshka…

Mothers in the news

Mother’s day is celebrated in over 110 countries in May.

One day out of 365 seems entirely reasonable for the woman who fed, clothed, raised you, wiped your bottom, beat up your bullies, bought you a Nintendo, took you to ballet and consoled you after heartbreak, right?

Other mothers

Godmother: Possibly a mafia matriarch. Generally a solid source of candy.

Stepmother: Traditionally evil. Sometimes your age.

Mother-in-law. Occasionally delightful. Usually a pain in the ass.

Motherf..king expressions

Mother Nature: No matter how hard we try to kill her, she just keeps coming back.

Mommy dearest: Our one true love, according to Sigmund. Forget the shrinks, we love you Mom, for real.

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