SUPPLY – The Word of the Month de Janvier 2022

Améliorez chaque mois un peu plus votre anglais grâce à un mot clé qui fait l’actualité. Découvrez The Word of the Month.


To supply: To provide or furnish something, like snacks, wood, or nuclear weapons.

(Oil) supply: A quantity or reserve (of oil), (preferably olive).

Supply Chain: System of people and logistics moving materials and products from suppliers to customers.

Supplies in the news

Covid-related disruptions in the global supply chain including delays, shortages and increased prices are inconveniencing our consumption. That’s a bummer.

Will anyone be able to deliver my dog’s organic hemp shampoo? Bezos?

Know your supplies

School supplies: Paper, pencils, surgical masks, you know, for class.

Power supply: Make sure your phone outlasts your capacity to concentrate.

Medical Supplies: Bandages and alcohol. Doubles as a party gift.

Supply & Demand: The holy pillars of modern economics.

Solutions to supply chain problems

Increase self-sufficiency: Surely you’re capable of pasteurizing your own cheese.

Shop local: Your corner store probably sells advanced semiconductors.

Limit global pandemics: Sometimes the toughest problems have the simplest solutions.

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