RESIGN – The Word the Month for June 2019

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To resign: to voluntarily leave a job. 

To resign oneself, to be resigned (to doing sthg): to accept, to reconcile with (doing sthg).

Resignations in the news

This month, Theresa May resigned from her office as UK Prime Minister, following an unsuccessful Brexit negotiation. 

With other pro-Brexit successors waiting in the wings, it seems like Britain is still resigned to leaving Europe.

Alternatives to resignation

Get fired: Do something cool on your way out. Maybe light a desk on fire? 

Retire: Time to focus on your first love: goldfish. 

Change careers: Ex-Prime Minister of wealthy industrialized nation seeks new challenges in corporate lobbying.

Don’t confuse “resign” with:

Raisin: A dried grape. No wine inside. We checked. 

Reason: The motive for an action or decision. Still working out the reasons for Brexit. 

Re-sign: Sign again. New polls suggest that 54% of Britons want to remain. Any chance Britain re-signs with Europe?

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