FINE: The Word of the Month for July 2018


Fine: quite well, good.
Ex. I feel fine today.

Fine: thin, of excellent quality, delicate.
Ex. Fine sand, fine wine, fine cotton.


A fine: a financial penalty.
To fine: to penalize monetarily.
Ex: see next section.

Fines in the News

This month, Google (motto: “Don’t be evil”) was fined €4.34bn by the EU for imposing their search engine on smartphones.

There’s a fine line between being a profitable tech giant and a greedy imperialistic monster.

Fine idioms

The fine print. Small letters in a contract. Apparently Google didn’t read the fine print about competition law.

A fine mess. Chaos or confusion. See: Trump’s foreign visits, Brexit, the Champs-Elysées after the World Cup final.

Fine tech

+ Google is free.
– You pay with your personal data.

+ Apple is user-friendly.
– You pay an arm and a leg.

+ Facebook connects people.
– Your uncle sent me a friend request.

+ Amazon ships everything.
– Your local shops are closing.

Fine with you?

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