HANG: The Word of the Month June 2017

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To hang: to suspend or be suspended in the air; to kill or die by suspension from a rope. (Not recommended).

A hung parliament: a parliament without an overall party majority.

Irregular verb alert: to hang (a painting): hang / hung / hung.

To hang (a person): hang / hanged / hanged.

Hanging In the News

Following UK elections, the Conservative Party has lost its majority, leading to a hung parliament and a shaky Brexit.

Between Labour, the Conservatives, and the Queen, it’s going to take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who’s in charge of Britain right now.

Before you Brexit (a fake phone call)

UK: Europe, I don’t want to hang out anymore. I’m leaving you.

EU: Hang on, Britain!

UK: Our relationship is hanging by a thread.

EU: Can we at least talk to Ireland?

UK: He’s too hungover. Later, bro.

EU: No, don’t hang up!

Hanging with Hang: a glossary

To hang out: to relax and enjoy

Hang on! Wait!

Hanging by a thread: in danger of failing

To be hungover: suffering from the after effects of alcohol

To hang up: to end a phone call

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