BLUE: The Word of the Month May 2015

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Blue: The color of the sky + sea (- pollution).

To have the blues, to be blue: Sadness.

“The Blues”: Music about said sadness.

Ironically, blues is traditionally black.

Blue in the news

This month, legendary bluesman BB King passed away. His death didn’t come out of the blue — he was old and sick, plus his woman left him.

A flag representing Earth, the blue planet, has been proposed. Other planets beware, we’re coming for you.

Baby Blues

(Sing with us!)

True Blue: Fiercely loyal, faithful.

Baby, I’ll never leave you.

Once in a blue moon: Something rare or infrequent.

Baby, I just want to love you!

Blue Balls: Long time, no sex.

Baby, can’t you see I’m suffering?

I’ve got the blues…

Blue Facts

Blueberry: A berry that is blue. What a world we live in.

Sick kids prefer nurses wearing blue. Sick adults prefer them wearing nothing.

Psychologists claim that blue represents calm. That’ll be $300, please.

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