The best podcasts for learning Italian

Just like complimentary learning methods such as books or movies, podcasts have established themselves as a fun and convenient way to learn a foreign language.

What makes them so popular these days? With such a variety of themes, formats and duration, you can listen to them anywhere, anytime. Plus, they are a fantastic tool to help improve your listening and speaking skills thanks to the idiomatic expressions and new vocabulary used by hosts and speakers.

What’s more, listening to Italian podcasts on a regular basis, will give you a helping hand in grasping and understanding the great variety of Italian accents out there.

Without further ado, Gymglish lets you in on some must-listen podcasts to get you on your way to learning Italian.

News in Slow Italian 

If you want to improve your Italian language level and stay up to date with current events at the same time, you’ll love News in Slow Italian. Each podcast is presented in a news report format, with several speakers talking about stories in international news, covering grammar rules and using everyday Italian idioms.

Who’s it for? News in Slow Italian is more geared toward beginners of Italian. Each episode lasts about 15 minutes, and speakers talk slowly and in a concise manner. You can also download a transcript of the dialogue if you want to work on your written skills.

I Provinciali 

I Provinciali is a series of podcasts produced and broadcast by Italian radio station Rai Radio2. These podcasts explore regional cultures and Italian towns and cities, diving into traditions, heritage, popular festivals, and cooking recipes from all over the country. In short, a great way to discover Italian culture from another angle!

Who’s it for? I Provinciali is suited for more advanced learners of Italian. Each episode lasts between 20 and 40 minutes and are can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, whether out and about or during your daily gym workout!

Coffee Break Italian

Hosted by Mark and native Italian speaker Francesca, Coffee Break Italian is a podcast series featuring 3 seasons: the first is for beginners, the second for intermediate learners, and the third for advanced learners. As a beginner, you’ll discover tips on how to book a hotel room or how to ask for directions while traveling to an Italian city. If you’re a bit further along in your Italian language process, up to you to choose an episode focusing on a particular grammar rule or conjugation! 

One of their podcast series, Travel Diaries, allows you to discover cities and monuments in Italy through the adventures of imaginary characters. 

Who’s it for? With Coffee Break Italian, you can select the speech rate you wish to help with your understanding of the spoken language.

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Italiano automatico 

In the Italiano automatico podcast, native Italian speaker Alberto Arrighini shares tips for learning Italian in a fun and simple way. Conversations between natives will help you master idiomatic expressions and expand your Italian vocabulary in no time.

Who’s it for? Italiano automatico podcasts never overstep the 20-minute mark. Thanks to clear and fluent pronunciation, beginners and intermediate learners alike will have no trouble following along with the dialogue. 

Caffé 2.0

If you’re one for themed podcasts, Caffé 2.0 is likely to tickle your fancy, as it deals with web-related topics, such as the episode Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram e gli aggiornamenti che contano (“Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and updates that matter”). Plus, as Italy’s longest-running podcast, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever in uncovering an episode that suits your fancy.

Who’s it for? With a fluid but fast speech flow, this podcast is intended for advanced Italian learners. You can create playlists by theme, so you can save them and replay your favorite episodes. Remember: an episode lasts an average of 4 minutes, so what’s your excuse?

Bonus: RSI podcasts

Podcasts from the Swiss broadcaster RSI offer in-depth coverage of politics and current events, as well as a wide range of themes: sport, music, food & drink, and more, making them a superb tool for adding new vocabulary to your lexicon. 

Who’s it for: With their complex language and sometimes fast pace, these podcasts are aimed at advanced Italian learners. The duration varies by topic and can range from a few minutes to over an hour.

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