Gymglish’s Paris office: Year 2 update

You may remember the ups and downs of our move back in 2019. If you don’t, bear in mind it was a delightful mix of cables, aluminum tubes, giant slinkies and toxic paint fumes.

To celebrate two eventful (though ironically eventless) years at our new Paris office (“Le Lavoir” for les intimes), we’d love to share some never-before-seen pictures of our office space – and free up some storage on our phone at the same time.

Let’s update you on the list of what we were promised by Gymglish management back in 2019:

A toilet for every employee and two for every intern

Update: if our arithmetic is correct, we have a total of 6 bathrooms plus a dubious hole in the basement. We tend to avoid it, as legend speaks of an online language learning monster patrolling the depths.

Verdict: Promise not kept.

An express elevator that goes straight to the moon

Update: No elevator, but a crude system of ropes and pulleys combined with a large bucket will get you to the 2nd floor to hobnob with the bigwigs in the C-suite if you want to ask for a raise or maybe score a fresh pack of Post-Its.

Verdict: Compromise solution reached

Automatic sliding doors with an audible whoosh effect

Update: We have a new conventional door that closes properly, and for that we are grateful. The Star Trek-inspired doors we longed for were possibly ambitious in light of the cold Parisian winters ahead.

Verdict: Superior outcome achieved.

A mysterious shoe shiner who appears only at high noon

Update: Sadly, no shoe shiner has deigned to pay us a visit – however, our team has reported a 60-something male in the courtyard who claims that his family invented the fork. We want to believe.

Verdict: Promise ignored.

A valet service for horses run by humans

Update: Tragically, our office remains horseless, but we do share our space with two exceptionally blood-thirsty hounds that have developed a bitter rivalry. Stay off of the first floor, Dobby. We can’t guarantee your safety otherwise. 

Verdict: Horses in the office are probably a health violation, even if they wear masks.

Stay tuned for big reveals on our Instagram page! Or test our online language course for free, you decide.

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