“Adaptive learning is the key to a successful learning experience.” Chantal Roques, Gymglish partner

AC Langues is a language school offering targeted, tailor-made courses for professionals and individual learners.

Since its creation in 1993, AC Langues has trained over 23,000 students and has been a Gymglish partner since 2015. Chantal Roques, co-founder of the company, reflects on the company’s beginnings and explains AC Langues’ values. 

Hello Chantal, can you tell us how AC Langues got started? 

We started in 1993, when the language school where I had worked for 10 years closed. It was during this crossroads period that I met Alessandra Daniel, Head of Pedagogy.  We decided to pool our skills and create our own language school. 

To get a better understanding of the market and our customers’ requirements, we took a variety of courses. Shortly afterwards, we launched AC Langues, where we offered adaptive face-to-face and telephone courses (the latter accounting for 80% of our revenue at the time!). From the start, we wanted to offer adaptive, tailor-made teaching. Our customers are extremely diverse, and we have developed tools to better identify their profiles and learning requirements, such as our language audit.

You started to take an interest in Blended Learning in 2015? 

Up until 2015, AC Langues only offered on-site courses with a teacher. The reform of the French personal training entitlement program, together with the rise of e-learning have changed things considerably for us. As in any industry, we have had to adapt, innovate and try new approaches to meet growing demands.

At the time, we didn’t know much about the online learning market and tried various learning platforms to find the right partner. That’s when we discovered Gymglish and your online English courses.

Thanks to Gymglish, we were able to offer Blended Learning packages, a mixed training environment that includes face-to-face learning and online solutions.

Beyond the product, we immediately valued the company’s human dimension. The Gymglish team has always been very accessible and available. Also, your commercial policy is very transparent, which makes it much easier to do business. 

Thank you! Do you think our course format suits your learners’ requirements? 

Absolutely. We tried Gymglish ourselves and fell in love with the method. Lessons are well-thought-out, concise and adaptive. They come directly to the learner, and they can access immediate corrections after each lesson.

Every Sunday, our teachers receive an updated pedagogical progress brief which includes information on their students’ activity, which they can integrate into their teaching material which fosters better knowledge retention.

There’s perfect synergy between AC Langues and Gymglish, and we get excellent feedback from our students. 

Your plans to launch other language courses are also very interesting for us, because even though teaching English represents over 70% of our turnover, our customers have a wide range of requirements! Another advantage with Gymglish is that our customers can take several of your courses without getting tired of the same material, since the content changes from one course to another. One can tell there is a real desire to get immersed in the language’s culture, to adapt jokes and cultural references, which is a great way to encourage user participation.

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