Selected differences between UK English and US English

Wars have been fought over less. Luckily for you, Gymglish has compiled, illustrated and made light of 15 absolutely essential differences between UK English and US English.

Jumper vs. Sweater

This first tip is all about tops. You could even say it’s tip top. But you probably shouldn’t.

Biscuit vs. Cookie

Tip #2 may leave crumbs.

Pushchair vs. Stroller

Tip #3 is one that you can really push around. Don’t be a baby about it, though.

Lift vs. Elevator

Tip #4 will take you to the top, but may skip the 13th floor.

Lorry vs. Truck

Tip #5 carries a lot of junk in the trunk and/or bonnet.

Trousers vs. Pants

Tip #6 may help you avoid a delightful misunderstanding in regards to nether regions.

Car park vs. parking lot

Tip #7 may help you find a good parking spot.

Motorway vs. Highway

Tip #8 will take you places, but avoid any hitchhikers you find on the way.

Underground vs. Subway

Tip #9 may awaken subterranean homesick blues. Proceed with caution.

Bill vs. Check

Tip #10 can be split 5 ways but you should be sure to tip at least 15-20%.

Petrol vs. Gas

Tip #11 is highly flammable. Wars are often fought over it, but we promise to keep politics out of the picture.

Nappy vs. Diaper

Tip #12 may make a dirty situation a bit cleaner.

Cooker vs. Stove

Tip #13 may start a grease fire in the kitchen.

Hoover vs. Vacuum cleaner

Tip #14 doesn’t suck, contrary to its primary function.

Mobile vs. Cell phone

You’ll take tip #15 with you everywhere except the shower.

Bonus: Holiday vs. Vacation

This last tip generally provides a relaxing break.

The tips above aren’t enough for you? You’re insatiable. Why not try our English course Gymglish for more top tips?

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