WHISTLE – The Word of the Month for October 2019


To whistle: to produce sound with the lips, like a bird.

whistle: instrument producing this sound, like a referee uses.


To blow the whistle (on corruption): to denounce criminal or unethical behavior.

A whistleblower: somebody who publicizes this behavior.

Whistles in the news

This month, an anonymous whistleblower made public that President Trump threatened to block aid to Ukraine unless one of Trump’s political rivals was investigated.

Just another morning at the White House.

Whistling expressions

Whistle while you work: Disney tune encouraging manual labor. Suspiciously capitalistic.

Clean as a whistle: Very clean. Ironic as whistles are full of bacteria.

Wet your whistle: Have a drink. The only reasonable response to anything.

Ways of whistling

With lips (Quiet). Makes repetitive tasks marginally more bearable.

With fingers (Loud). Brings your dog back. Next time just text.

With proof of corruption (Perilous). May land you in exile or prison.

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