Gymglish is moving

The day has finally come: Gymglish has a new office. We think it’s fair to say that we’ve made some improvements. Before we share some exclusive pics, here is a non-exhaustive list of what we were promised by management:

  • A toilet for every employee and two for every intern
  • An express elevator that goes straight to the moon
  • Automatic sliding doors with an audible whoosh effect
  • A mysterious shoe shiner who appears only at high noon
  • A valet service for horses run by humans

We’ll let you know if promises were kept.

#1 The electricians tell us that it’s important that cables are near running water at all times. That’s why we’ve placed them in the shower

#2 The new things for the place are here! Can’t wait to install these gizmos in the thingamajig. Should really pull together the staircase maybe?

#3 Did you know? The internet moves through a series of microwave-friendly aluminum tubes. What an era we live in

#4 We’ve been assured that this is the safest way for the asbestos to enter and exit the building

#5 Each wall comes equipped with exposed wires. Don’t be jealous

#6 The giant slinkies we ordered have arrived. Expect a marked increase in productivity

#7 This is where the magic happens. What magic, we’re still figuring that out

#8 Gas leaks are an important source of inspiration for our creative team

Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, try our online language courses for free today.

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