User stories – Lourdes, Tatiana and David

We love our users, and our users love us! Check out what Lourdes, Tatiana and David think of our online French courses, Frantastique

Lourdes P. (Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES)

I have an incredible addiction to Frantastique! Each day I look forward to my quirky, fun lessons and I have learned a great deal. I use it as a tool to show my French teacher where I need help, further explanations, etc. I love the stories which are far-fetched, but always with a factual baseline, like Victor Hugo’s life and work. I love it. In fact I don’t know what I would do without it!

Tatiana R. (Moscow, RUSSIA)

Hello Frantastique team! I started your course when I had some spare time from my usual doctor’s work due to maternity leave. When I started learning French, I thought I might forget about it after a couple of lessons, but your lessons were so funny and interesting that I’ve already passed almost a hundred and still eagerly await the new one every morning while having my baguette and cheese. Thank you!

David S. (Stonehaven, UNITED KINGDOM)

I’m retired, Scottish (and European – very important to emphasise that these days!). I’m enjoying Frantastique very much, and can’t wait to see what Gérard, Victor and the others get up to next. My French has improved a lot since I began the course, and I particularly like that we’re often given colloquial French – even slang – that one doesn’t get in a conventional class, far less at school.

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