User stories – Julie, Rita and Simon

Gymglish user stories

Today, meet Julie, Rita and Simon: Gymglish plays an prominent role in their each of their daily lives.

Julie C. (Bruxelles, BELGIUM)

Gymglish lessons are fun, this is the reason why I have followed so many… A daily meeting with the characters… I need to confess, it becomes rapidly an addiction. When I was hired by my current English company, I wanted to update my English skills, and improve my business vocabulary. I was doing my English lesson every morning while drinking a cup of coffee, and trying to get the best score, a perfect way to begin the day! Today, I am the only French speaker in my company, thanks to Gymglish I am not too ashamed to speak in front of all my colleagues who are all English native speakers…

Rita U. (Berne, SWITZERLAND)

Gymglish is a clever and innovative method. Gymglish is learning English unknowingly and without real effort. Gymglish is devoting 10 minutes a day by participating in the life of a company as an actor…Gymglish is the art of capturing the interest of the pupil/student and keeping him/her in suspense. Gymglish is learning English whilst having fun and enjoying yourself. Gymglish is choosing your time when to learn without leaving the house, whilst being part of a team always available to answer any questions and suggestions that you may have.

Simon F. (Montpellier, FRANCE)

I was one of the early Gymglish users, back in 2004 or so. At that time I had never lived in an English-speaking country. Still, I thought I could speak good English. Actually, Gymglish helped me a lot! It made me realise I did not understand all types of accents and helped me get over it. Besides, my grammar also improved substantially. After all, daily training is key to speaking a foreign language fluently. When I moved to England the following year, and to the States later on, Gymglish had prepared me in a very valuable way.

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