“I immediately fell in love with the course” Meet Sandrino, longtime Gymglish user and partner

If we were to sum up Sandrino’s experience with Gymglish, it would go something like this: To try it is to love it!

Sandrino, founder of the “Bouge ton Q” website, and a Gymglish partner since 2013, discovered our online English courses as a university student, and went on to become an entrepreneur and creator of the YouTube channel “Réussir ses relations” in 2015. We got in touch with him to reminisce about his beginnings with Gymglish and talk about our courses and our partnership.

Hi Sandrino! How did your Gymglish adventure start?

It all started by creating an account! I tried out the course when I was a student. At the time, I was preparing for the end-of-year TOEIC exam. The university administration was offering Gymglish licenses for free, so I enrolled  and I immediately fell in love with the method.

You also created your own website around the same time, which is currently partnered with Gymglish.

That’s correct. I challenged myself to create a website, Bouge ton Q, because I wanted to encourage friends, family and readers to set goals got themselves and achieve them. Simple things like exercising, visiting a new country or even learning a foreign language!

What most appealed to you about Gymglish?

I really enjoyed how quirky it was, and the regularity of the lessons. You get to learn English and have fun at the same time. To be perfectly honest, I’ve tried several other methods, but Gymglish is the only one I know of that allows you to feel like you’re improving without any real sense of effort. To this day I still use Gymglish. I’ve completed more than 200 lessons and the crazy storyline never gets old. Each lesson is short and concise and only takes a few minutes to complete every day. That’s why I decided to set up a partnership with Gymglish and share with my online community.

How does the partnership work?

Your team approached me, as both a Gymglish user and a content creator, to discuss establishing a partnership. It made perfect sense, and since 2013 I’ve been encouraging my community to subscribe to the free 7-day trial through an affiliate link. If they like Gymglish and subscribe, I receive a commission on their order. I also create campaigns using articles to inform them of discounts, special offers or new products.

My community is quite large, which means many young professionals and entrepreneurs read my articles. Just like me, they didn’t attain a decent command of the English language during their school years. They need to learn languages to broaden their career horizons or because they want to move to an English-speaking country. My goal is to give them useful tips to develop their self-esteem, and embark on their projects.

I take particular pride in being honest with my readers. Just like them, I tested Gymglish and I’m still using it today. I encourage them to test it, as I did, to see if the course suits their needs. I only ever give out my personal opinions and endorsements, and this one seems to be catching on!

If you have a dream or a specific project in mind, but are lacking motivation, check out the Bouge ton Q (French only) website. No pain, no gain!

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