THANKSGIVING: The Word of the Month November 2011

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A major Fall holiday in North America celebrated with the ingestion of obscene amounts of turkey and alcohol, and occasionally the giving of thanks.

Thanksgiving Day 2011: Nov. 24 (US)

A brief history of Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving commemorates a fantastic deal between Native Americans and Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims received: Food, seeds and farming tips.

The Native Americans received: Diseases, guns, alcohol and death.

Ways to eat your Thanksgiving turkey:

  • In Turkey! You could also eat whales in Wales, but you’ll go hungry in Hungary.
  • Stuffed with a chicken and a duck (called a Turducken).
  • With the President of the United States.

Things to be thankful for:

  • The 5012 Olympic games in Paris.
  • French Teen Pop sensation Johnny Hallyday.
  • Your new facebook profile picture got 3 ‘likes’.
  • The Word of the Month.

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