BREACH – The Word of the Month de Janvier 2021

Améliorez chaque mois un peu plus votre anglais grâce à un mot clé qui fait l’actualité. Découvrez The Word of the Month.


A breach: An opening, tear or rupture.

To breach (a fortress, an agreement): to penetrate; to break the rules.

A breach of (protocol): a violation of (protocol).

Breaches in the news

In a minor breach of protocol, a group of Trump supporters breached the US Capitol earlier this month.

New grandpa president, Joe Biden, will now try to seal the breach (after his afternoon nap).

Don’t confuse “breach” with:

Beach: a sandy area near water. Good place to see a whale breach.

Bleach: a chemical disinfectant. Recommended by 1 of 46 US presidents as a COVID cure.

To broach (a subject): to bring something up. Is this a good time to tell you that there are costumed extremists in the lobby?

Things that can be breached

Castle: If video games have taught us anything, there’s probably a princess or an extra life in there.

Data: No need to hack private information when we give it away for free.

Confidence: It’s been a wild 4 years, but maybe we can learn to trust again.

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