STAGE – The Word of the Month de Juillet 2020

Améliorez chaque mois un peu plus votre anglais grâce à un mot clé qui fait l’actualité. Découvrez The Word of the Month.


A stage: raised platform upon which performances take place, like plays or concerts.

Also: a phase or period. Ex: a stage of life.

To stage: to organize (a play, an event).

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare

Stages in the news

This month, canceled live events continue to keep performers off stage.

At this stage, nobody knows when art will return. Until then, we’ll stage our dramas online… or behind a wall of plexiglass.

Expressions on stage

To set the stage: to lay the foundation for a future event. Ex: The fried calamari in act 1 really sets the stage for the giant octopus in act 3.

To be center stage: to be the focus of attention. Ex: If you don’t like being center stage, why come to work naked?

To upstage (sbdy or sthg): to steal focus or attention. Ex: Will live performances be upstaged by one dramatic virus?

The 5 stages of grief

1. Denial: It’s still safe to go to the theatre.

2. Anger: I hate that I can’t go to the theatre.

3. Bargaining: I’d give a kidney to go to the theatre.

4. Depression: I’m not eating until I can go to the theatre.

5. Acceptance: Honestly, I don’t even like the theatre.

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