WITHDRAW: The Word of the Month de Mai 2018


To withdraw*: to leave, to retreat; to remove, to retract (from an agreement); to take out money.

A withdrawal: a removal; a retreat; a retraction.

*Irregular verb alert: withdraw / withdrew / withdrawn

Withdrawal in the news

This month, the US withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal, designed to reduce Iranian nuclear development.

Last year, the US withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords.

Experts predict a US withdrawal from the Treaty of Versailles next year.

Things to withdraw

Troops: Bring the soldiers home. Wars are won on Twitter these days.

Cash: Spend it if you got it, or stick it under a mattress for a rainy day.

Penises: The least reliable form of contraception. Possibly the story of our life.

Don’t confuse withdraw with

Withstand: To endure or resist. May your bank account withstand all your withdrawals.

Drawbridge: A bridge that can be lowered and raised. Ideal for protecting your castle.

Drawback: A disadvantage. If a deal has too many drawbacks, withdraw.

Withhold: To suspend or deny. Some withhold payment, others withhold love. We’ll withhold judgment.

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