SPY: The Word of the Month de Mars 2018


A spy: a secret agent tasked with obtaining intelligence or information.

To spy: to observe secretly.

To spy (land): To see or recognize (land from far away).

Don’t confuse Spy with:

Spider: 8 legs, 8 eyes. Spins webs. Would make a good spy.

Spine: Backbone or vertebrae. Some politicians lack it.

Spice: Pepper, paprika, Girls, etc. He who controls the spice, controls the universe.

Spying in the News

This month, the cold war reheated in England as an ex-Russian spy was poisoned, likely by a current Russian spy.

Meanwhile, former spy chief Vladimir Putin earned a 4th term as Russian president. What a fresh face!

Lastly, Facebook stands accused of spying on its clients, divulging user data.

Who’s spying on you?

Your phone: Why does this Sudoku app need our location?

Your browser: Remember when cookies were innocent and delicious?

Your microwave: Just to personalize your popcorn profile.

Your social media: We suggest deleting your Facebook profile, after sharing this of course.

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